Examples of Great Brand Stories

To understand the importance of a well-told story, we turn to the brands that have moved us to inspiration.

Brands telling stories isn't anything new; however, we often fail to realize that it is the crucial factor separating them from others in their market. Below are three brands we think have done an exceptional job telling a story. We encourage you to examine these brands' storytelling ability beyond these videos as it resonates through all of their work.


Nike makes sporting apparel like hundreds of other companies around the world. However, Nike has done something more significant than just create shoes; it's challenged us to believe in ourselves. Nike's content addresses the deep desire we all have to live our dreams. Wearing their logo is like a badge of honor that says you do it, just like Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, and of all the greats who wear it too.

El Gordo Lottery Commercial

Did we just make you watch a Pixar short film? Nope, that's just a lottery commercial. The lottery that created this sells one ticket for a much higher cost due to the limited number. However, up to ten people can choose to split the ticket to help mitigate the cost. This lottery knew that people didn't just buy their tickets because they selfishly wanted to get rich. They purchased them to create a feeling of togetherness. Something that brings people together, regardless of the result.

Red Bull

Red Bull is nothing short of just another sports energy beverage. So they did something about it. Red Bull analyzed its audience and realized that the people who consumed their products lived adventurous lifestyles. Upon this discovery, they began documenting these people, creating a culture. Now the brand is almost synonymous with adrenaline junkies and motorsports enthusiasts. Please pay attention to any ads you see before their videos, even car product brands who have been around for 150 years are now targeting their consumer base.