Our Clients


Latest Work

Bianchi and Brandt Website Refresh

Create a functioning, easy to modify website that doesn't crash.

Plant Puff

We provided an on brand lifestyle shoot for an upcoming product release.

Whole Plant

Using brand values, we created a series of questions captured in a interview setting to create, combined with b-roll, a video that told the Whole Plant story

River Valley Organizing

Develop a brand new website from concept to launch

National Cannabis Festival

Created content at the 2019 National Cannabis Policy Summit 2019.

Kurt Freeman

Green Thumb Industries

the creation of three videos covering the opening of Cleveland's first dispensary

Grasslands: A Journalism Minded Agency

We manage, update, and look after the Grasslands Website

Grasslands: A Journalism Minded Agency

create two full length videos and 20+ social media clips

Grasslands: A Journalism Focused Agency

Created a Instagram Docuseries


Create a asset library of photos and videos

Cannabis Lab

Create three overview videos