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A brand experience starts
with your website.

Tell your story. Be remarkable.

If your site doesn't tell your story, your customers are missing a true experience.

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Longevity & Margin Growth

Let's face it, even though your company is doing well, you fear for the future, right? It's okay; most companies do, especially in emerging industries like cannabis and tech, or in uncertain economic times.

How has Apple thrived over the last forty years? The personal computer hit the market in 1977. In the beginning, there were three companies, Commodore, Tandy, and Apple. One significant difference between the three is Apple built an identity. They made it creative, rebellious, and cool to buy an Apple product. This not only made them last, but drove up the prices of their products.

A member of Trav Media Group helping a client grow.
A women surfing the web to buy an audience

You can't Buy Audiences

For whatever reason, when a company finally gets a marketing budget, they don't think about building a brand identity. Instead, the first thing they think of is, "where can I buy attention?"

They hope that their cleverly placed advertisement will cause the viewer of a particular media outlet to buy their good or service. This hope makes them willing to spend for the chance, even when the data doesn't back up conversation rates.

content focused Marketing

So what are consumers engaging with according to the data? Content. Articles on websites, videos, and social media accounts that answer the consumer's needs.

Studies have shown that content relevant to the user's search is clicked on five times as often as an advertisement. With the proper SEO, maximizing organic reach, these clicks are usually 100% free.

A member of Trav Media Group capturing content with her camera.
A man figuring out why he is lacking results

getting the results you want

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking. "I've been making content, and it's not working." The one thing about content marketing is that it can have an initial time investment of 6-18 months before significant results show. (Don't worry, there are ways to speed that up!)

So in many situations, brands get frustrated with the lack of results and stop creating regular content allocating their money back to buying audiences.

But what if you haven't stopped making content and aren't seeing results?


Think of something that inspires you the most. It might be a person, a movie, or a movement. Why do you relate to that person or thing so much?

Our favorite brands and entertainment are always doing one thing that keeps us coming back for more—telling a good story. They hook us by presenting plots, settings, and values that mirror those we represent and strive to embody. Making our journey, one with theirs.

A person telling the correct story
A family taking an adventure inspired by their favorite story.

Earning Your Audience

By choosing story-driven content marketing, your brand makes one significant change, giving the consumer a choice. When purchasing an audience, you are forcing the consumer to see your ad. This lack of consumer choice is why we have seen the rise in streaming services and media platforms with no paid advertisement.

When creating relevant content that emotionally connects with your potential consumer, they will choose your product or service to help better their lives, over and over again.

we drive growth by telling stories